For beginners or enthusiasts, recreational or professional users, Zero-X will have you flying like an expert in no time with incredible performance and intuitive controls. Capture high definition video and photos directly from the remote, perform acrobatic manoeuvres at the press of a button, , choose from beginner or expert speed level modes, fly straight and true with a large footprint and 6 axis gyroscopes, and stay in the air longer with our long life rechargeable battery systems. Capture the skies with Zero-X!

  • Zero-X Atlas

    The Zero-X Atlas will record your flight in 1080P and transmit the live feed to your smartphone wirelessly. The built in barometric sensor and optical flow sensor keep flight steady giving you stable footage.
  • Zero-X Blade


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  • Zero-X Hornet


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  • Zero-X Javelin


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  • Zero-X Maverick


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  • Zero-X Titan

    The Titan’s on board 720p camera captures the world below in crystal clear high-definition at a steady 30 frames per second. The Titan Drone features Altitude Hold Mode, Directional Lock and One Touch Takeoff and Landing, making flying effortless.
  • Zero-X Scout

    The Scout comes with a built-in 720p High Definition Camera, perfect for shooting impressive sweeping video and 2MP photos. Supported with an 80M controllable range and an 8 minute fly time, video recording opens up exciting new opportunities and possibilities
  • Zero-X Blitz

    The ZERO-X Blitz Racing Drone has been purpose built using the latest digital brushless motor technology to deliver lightning fast

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  • Zero-X RaptureHD

    The Zero-X RaptureHD is a nimble giant, the 48cm2 footprint does not get in the way of RaptureHD’s manoeuvrability.

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  • Zero-X Nova

    The Zero-X Nova is a nimble giant, the 48cm2 footprint does not get in the way of Nova’s manoeuvrability.

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  • Zero-X Raven+

    The Zero-X Raven+ is a robust, lightweight drone perfect for novices learning to fly. Raven+ is nimble enough to perform acrobatic manoeuvres at its highest speed setting
  • Zero-X Spectre

    Spectre is a nimble goliath measuring 48cm x 48cm. Spectre’s built in High Definition camera can record video and photos from dizzying heights, capturing impressive aerial shots with ease.

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  • Zero-X Rapture

    Put yourself in the pilot's seat with Rapture’s Wi-Fi First Person View controller. Rapture has a black box function, so if you lose Wi-Fi range it will continue recording uninterrupted footage.

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  • Zero-X Raven

    Raven is a robust, yet lightweight drone, nimble enough to perform acrobatic manoeuvres yet forgiving and intuitive so you can get up and fly with confidence quickly.

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